Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recent Happenings

I apologize if I have been hard to reach this week. Some unexpected things happened. Early this month my husband and I had the opportunity to use two free day passes at Sundance Ski Resort. We were really excited! This was my second time boarding and my husbands first.

The day started out with high hopes!

But ended abruptly when my husband landed wrong and hit his head on the hard packed snow. He was an avid sports player in high school and so this was his 6th concussion.

You may be wondering why, when my husband is on a stretcher, did I take photos? In my defense I didn't even think about photographs when it first happened. But there was a couple minutes where we were waiting for the man with the toboggan to get there so we could get him to the ambulance. At this point he was awake and responding to us. I knew he wasn't paralyzed because he could move his toes so all there was to do was wait.... and I got to thinking that one day we will look back and laugh at this moment... so why not have photographs to remember this moment that will later be funny!

Apparently his mother did not enjoy these photographs too much (not that I blame her. I am sure when I have children I will never want to see my children like this) but I think of it as remembering the good AND the bad moments in life. :)

My husband is recovering, but there are some complications that need additionally doctors visits, tests, and most of all time. Thus I will try to reply to your emails and phone calls in a timely matter. Please know that if it takes me longer than normal I apologize. My husband comes first in my life and I will prioritize my time accordingly.

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