Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Face of Autism Exhibit

Autism Poster with logo FINAL DATES

I have spent the last 6 months photographing over a dozen families that have one or more children on the Autism spectrum. It has been a wonderful project that I have enjoyed learning from. These parents simply amaze me! They deal with the everyday struggles of raising a child with unique development delays that look like they are just regular children. Because individuals with Autism look like everyone else, I have heard heartbreaking stories of children having meltdowns at stores because of sensory overloads while onlookers cast judging looks to the "parents who cannot control their child." Some parents have said people tell them right to their face that they need to control their child.

In an attempt to help the public understand these children and their parents I put together an exhibit about Autism and its characteristics. It's first home is on Brigham Young University Campus in Provo, Utah. It is in the B.F. Larsen Main gallery on the main floor of the Harris Fine Arts Center until February 11th. Then it will be on the University of Utah's campus in March; exact dates will be decided soon. And beginning April 15th some of the photographs will be apart of the "Paint it Blue" art exhibit fundraiser for Autism at the Salt Lake City Museum of Art. Other gallery shows are in the works and I will post when they are.

Please contact me if you know of a gallery, library, store, etc that will host the exhibit. We can all work together to get this show to as many viewers as possible! Let's empower the public with knowledge of Autism!

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