Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sneak Peak of my first birth story!

This was a wonderful experience!!! The mother called me Saturday night around 7pm to tell me she was in labor. I grabbed my equipment and quickly drove up to her house. Her son was born into the arms of his father at their home at 1am Sunday morning. It was a beautiful birth that I was so honored to document. More (modest) photos to come!

Simmons Birth Story 20101024001707 edited cropped 5x7 bw w

Simmons Birth Story 20101024002005 edited bw w

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

My favorite photograph!

When Candace and I spoke just days before her bridal session I mentioned the possibility of using some props that go with the theme of her wedding (her wedding had a undertone of Tim Burton style). She brought a box of props and I brought an old antique chair and we had a blast!! It was so fun to work with props and produce photographs that had a story behind them in addition to the standard shots. I have decided that I need to do themed photography shoots more often! The session go so much better, the images are more fun and we just have a blast!! Here is my absolute favorite shot from Candace & Todd's session. I worked with the colors to set the mood of the photograph and I have to say, I love the results. Enjoy and check back soon for the rest of their beautiful wedding!

20100926.154830 edited final canvas cropped srgb red taken out liquified sharpened w

Payton's Newborn Portraits

This little girl was such an angel it made me want a baby!! Then luckily she started crying and I was brought back to reality. haha But seriously she was great to work with!! She is ADORABLE and I just want to eat up these photographs! I saw a baby wrap on some newborn portraits from Jessica Kettle Photography and fell in love with it!! So my amazing sister croqueted it for me and this was the first chance I had to use it. I love it!!

20100921.153520 edited cropped w

Wedding_20100921.153208 antique tone w

20100921.152605 edited cropped w

Wedding_20100921.153715 edited bw w

20100921.174926 edited 4x6 both w

20100921.174853 edited bw w

Monday, October 11, 2010

Houston Wedding

Ah the joys of traveling!! I absolutely LOVED flying out and spending the weekend shooting Rebecca & Michael's wedding. It was so fun and a nice break from cold Utah. The weather was beautiful and a warm 87 degrees. They also had Sarah from Camelot Studios fly out for the wedding video. Oh we had way too much fun shooting together! I don't want to hurt the other wedding videographers feelings, but she is my favorite.

Becca & Michael originally were going to get married in Utah. When the wedding was moved to Texas, they discovered that SAVED THEM MONEY to fly me out there rather than to hire a photographer in Texas. My prices are just that competitive!! So if you think you can't afford a photographer for your wedding think again! Call to set up a consultation and we will chat about how to make your wedding memories beautiful. (801) 577-4400

We had a ton of fun!! Here is a sneak peak from their wedding. I will defiantly be posting more soon so check back!

Becca & Michael20101009125009 edited cropped flattened w

And for those who are interested in hiring me as a photographer- I LOVE to travel and trust me- I can get you a wonderful deal! Call or email for details now! (801) 577-4400