Monday, October 11, 2010

Houston Wedding

Ah the joys of traveling!! I absolutely LOVED flying out and spending the weekend shooting Rebecca & Michael's wedding. It was so fun and a nice break from cold Utah. The weather was beautiful and a warm 87 degrees. They also had Sarah from Camelot Studios fly out for the wedding video. Oh we had way too much fun shooting together! I don't want to hurt the other wedding videographers feelings, but she is my favorite.

Becca & Michael originally were going to get married in Utah. When the wedding was moved to Texas, they discovered that SAVED THEM MONEY to fly me out there rather than to hire a photographer in Texas. My prices are just that competitive!! So if you think you can't afford a photographer for your wedding think again! Call to set up a consultation and we will chat about how to make your wedding memories beautiful. (801) 577-4400

We had a ton of fun!! Here is a sneak peak from their wedding. I will defiantly be posting more soon so check back!

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And for those who are interested in hiring me as a photographer- I LOVE to travel and trust me- I can get you a wonderful deal! Call or email for details now! (801) 577-4400

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