Friday, June 18, 2010

Family Reunion!!!

Office Closed Monday-Wednesday (June 19th - 23rd)

The longer I live the more I realize that there is never enough time to do everything. So even though I have photos to edit and sessions I will be putting on hold I am taking a week off. Why, might you ask? Because my husband and I bought our first home last week and we are replacing the carpet with hard wood and fixing a few other things to make it our home sweet home!!! We are even more excited because Joshua's parents are driving across the country to come help us! So I apologize but there may not be blog posts for a while.

Brook & Andy Bridals!

Brook & Andy are so fun to work with! Brook is so beautiful and she really lights up when Andy is around! You can tell they love each other so much! Andy is a hoot to work with- as you can tell from the last photograph! We were photographed Brook and I turned around to see him mimicking her. I just had to photograph it! I can't wait for their wedding in a few weeks!

17_41_17090136 w

18_52_55090645 w

18_23_44090530 w

18_23_02090523 w

17_21_12090107 w

17_56_45090161 w

18_53_50090649 w

18_54_43090651 w

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brook & Andy Engagements!

Remember the last newborn portraits I did of Ella? Well her adorable mother Heather referred me to Brook & Andy when they got engaged. I have enjoyed working with them as much as I enjoyed Ella's newborn portraits! They are so much fun to photograph!

15_54_08153403 w

18_01_29153620 w

17_36_52153520 flattened bw w

17_33_17153508 w

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sneak Peak from Heather & Benjamin's Wedding!

Heather and Benjamin got married yesterday!! Here is a sneak peak to hold you over until I get more edited! Enjoy!!

14_04_10120931 w

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chris & Marci

This two were soooo fun!!! Marci is full of energy and laughs! These two will have no dull moments in their marriage!

14_51_37319888 w

14_15_27319786 w

14_42_09319864 w

14_20_19319816 w

14_39_48319863 w

Heather's Bridals!

H-O-L-Y C-O-W! What can I say about Heather?? Gorgeous! She is such a beautiful bride! I just got back from her wedding so I can now post them. It was a GORGEOUS wedding! Enjoy these and check back soon for her wedding photos!! :D


17_40_59199515 both w

17_16_41199429 w

17_26_48199461 both w bw

17_15_27199419 both w

17_27_23199469 both w

18_06_34199605 w

17_57_38199576 both w

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dennis & Holly's Engagements

Dennis is lucky to be marrying Holly! She is such a beautiful girl who is full of fun and laughs!! I couldn't stop laughing this whole shoot! It was a hoot! I can't wait for their wedding!!

16_31_05299620 w

17_01_47299724 w

17_04_37299733 w

16_54_14299670 w

16_54_42299682 w

16_58_37299699 w

Benjamin & Heather's Engagements

I simply ADORE Heather!! She is a happy, fun bride who just can't stop smiling! I absolutely love 'working' (more like playing!) with her! Benjamin has an equally amazing personality. He is so fun to be around! I can't wait for these two love birds to get married in two weeks! I may be as excited as they are.. ok maybe no but I am excited!!

18_53_33120106 w

18_23_35120028 w

18_47_04120085 w
18_26_45120042 both w

18_30_12120053 w

19_08_48123226 both w

18_39_15120074 w

19_12_40123248 both w

18_42_42120078 w