Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sneak Peak off Ashlee & Oran

This stylish couple tied the knot yesterday in the gorgeous LDS Manti Temple. Their reception was GORGEOUS with some of the best detailed decorations that I have every seen. Photos of that soon!!

20110506.124933 edited bw cropped w

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ashlee's & Oran's Wedding Day!!!

Today is the big day for Ashlee & Oran!!! And now I can show the wonderful bridals we took of Ashlee a month ago!!! I am SO excited to photograph their big day!!! Look out for their wedding photos soon!!!

20110408.171219 edited vintage 5x7 w

20110408.171034 edited vintage 5x7 w

20110408.181305 vintage sharpened 8x10 w

20110408.181534 edited vintage 5x7 w

20110408.190912 edited vintage 5x7 w

20110408.185422 edited color 5x7 w

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jessica & Zach Sneak Peak with Wedding Video!

Jessica & Zach were married on a beautiful spring day in April. The day was a little chilly but you were never know from the sunny photographs. Here is a sneak peak of the day!

20110422.121343 edited color w_1

I loved working with Pointe Digital that day! Doug was great and very easy to work with! Here is the same day edit he did of their wedding video. It was ready for the reception and here are a few photographs of their reactions to this amazing video!!

20110422.155540 edited w

20110422.155920 edited w

20110422.155453 edited w

So short disclaimer as to why I am in the video (6:29). The stand I use to hold up my lighting kit broke when the wind caught my umbrella and tipped the whole thing over. So Zach's parents were so nice to become "human stands" by holding the flash and umbrella for me while I photographed so the lighting would be better just than the noon day sun. So.. thats what you see in the video. It was a fun little memory for them. Enjoy!!