Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sneak Peak of my Weekend

I had an amazing and busy weekend photographing two weddings and doing an additional shoot for a project on Autism Awareness (many posts about this project to come soon).

The first wedding on Friday was at the LDS Draper Temple. I felt this temple really fit with Amy's style because the architecture and style of the building facade is more modern and Amy's wedding had a very modern style. Her reception at the Blue Lemon in Highland had a chic look that Amy enhanced with her decorations. I loved documenting this fun day!

The second wedding was on Saturday at the Holy Trinity Church - a Greek Orthodox Church in Salt Lake City. The ceremony was a gorgeous small ceremony with a total of seven people including the bride, groom, and priest! I loved the intimate feel that remind me of my own wedding (my husband and I only had 8 guests at our wedding ceremony). It was the first greek wedding I have ever seen. The church is beyond gorgeous! The architecture, stain glass and paintings are stunning works of art produced by the finest craftsmen. Some of the materials of the building were imported from Italy and add to the character and beauty of this exquisite building. I felt close to God through my experience there.

Enjoy these teasers until I edit more of the photos!

Amy & Patrick 20101112164821 edited cropped w

20101113145537 edited w

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