Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Luke & Jalayne

I was SO excited when my good friend Jalayne got engaged and even more excited when she asked me to take her photographs!!! Her and her boy Luke are adorable together and we had a blast at there session! Here are the engagements and her bridals will be coming soon after thanksgiving so keep checking back!!

IMG_9061* b

IMG_8916* b

IMG_8957* b

IMG_8965* b


Christine Armbruster said...

hey, he's from my home!

Briana said...

Wow!!! Abby you are sooo talented! These are fantastic photos! How much do you charge?

Abby Alger Photography said...

Stduent Pricing-
Engagements: $80
Bridals: $150
Wedding: $595
Reception: $300

When you put two more more of these in a package you get a discount.

Abby Alger Photography said...

Oh and p.s.

Thank you.