Monday, September 14, 2009

Kina & Kyle

I had SO much fun photographing this couple!! They were so relaxed and easy to work with!! And as you can tell they are one great looking couple!!


Molly said...

Abbey! I JUST saw the comment you made on my blog back in August. Sorry I never responded! For whatever reason, my photography blog doesn't tell me when I get comments.

Thank you for that comment! You are SO nice to say that. Honestly, it means a lot to me because I am always second guessing my work. My family likes what I do, but they're my family:) haha...even if I sucked, they'd love it, right? But thank you!

I'm excited to be in the program...I haven't started any photography classes, but I can't wait to start. Maybe I'll see you around sometime soon!

PS- I love your work, too! I love the colors (which, btw, I have definitely stalked your blog before bc I knew you were in the program...weird? Uh, yeah...). Anyway, LONG COMMENT! Just wanted to say thanks:) and I love your pictures

Molly said...

pps- I shoot Nikon D80 and I use lightroom to edit. I usually use my 50mm 1.8 lens when I shoot because its really sharp.

Sarah said...


Tyler and Clancee said...

Hey Abby! This is my husband's cousin! Small world! We LOVE Kina and Kyle and can't wait for the wedding! These pictures are perfect!

Abby Alger said...

How exciting!! Aren't they the cutest couple!! And Kina is so nice! I love working with them both- it never feels like work! :)